Meet Nika and Katie

Entrepreneurs, investors, podcast hosts and wine connoisseurs. 

We're on a mission to educate women and to help them evolve to be their best selves. Primarily we focus on teaching basic financial literacy and teaching women to be less risk averse. We aim to build women up, teaching them necessary skills and providing a toolkit and framework for success.

Our approach starts with debunking negative mindsets around money. We help our listeners question where their ideas about financial success come from, and then help them rebuild positive mindsets around success.

Our focus is threefold: methodically building risk appetite, providing actionable investment strategies, and discussing how to build out multiple income streams.


Behind every successful woman is herself.


Katie Karlos - The Queen of Dad Jokes and Accounting

Chartered Professional Accountant

Katie’s experience stems from her past in public accounting and audit. Working at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, she’s worked with Fortune 500 companies to ensure their compliance with accounting practices. She’s a wiz at reading financial statements, and knowing what stocks and investments are overvalued. Her investing style is not fairly risk-averse, and her strategy involves investing in future trends, being extremely knowledgable in her transactions and investing in dividend-yielding growth stocks. 

Check out Katie's Youtube channel - Katie Karlos Finance Club - where she provides actionable advice for the intermediate investor. 

Nika Farb - Collector of Passive Income Streams

Nika Farb is a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur. She’s had experience building multiple product-based businesses, selling on almost every online sales channel -  Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, Walmart, and of course direct to consumer.


All of her ventures have been self-funded and bootstrapped. She’s had experience with scaling early-stage startups to 7 figure revenues. Quickly learning that drop shipping and Amazon FBA alone are not effective business strategies, she’s learned how to legitimize early stage product based businesses through creating effective marketing campaigns, leveraging strong customer service, and leading great teams to support their growth.